Employer Health Program (EHP)

The EHP allows Eligible Association Members, in good standing, to enroll their non-bargained employees and eligible dependents into the Eastern Atlantic Carpenters Health Fund.

Independence Administrators (IA) are the Fund's major medical insurance provider for doctors, hospitals, and specialists. When Participants visit providers who are in-network with Independence Administrators or the local Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan in your state, the Fund pays the coinsurance percentage of the total IA allowance, leaving the Participant responsible for the their coinsurance portion.  Participants are responsible for the coinsurance until they have met their out-of-pocket maximum (OOP). Once an individual or family has reached their OOP Max, the Plan will pay 100% for all further In-Network claims for the duration of the Plan Year (April 1 through March 31).


90/10 Coinsurance
  • Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximums $1,000 individual / $2,000 family
  • Labwork covered 100% through LabCorp
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Accupuncture Treatment

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Copay Structure
  • 90-day supplies covered through CVS or Express Scripts Mail Order
  • Generic Medications: $5 for 30-day / $10 for 90-day supply
  • Preferred Brand Medications: 25% coinsurance
  • Non-Preferred Brand Medications: 40% coinsurance

The prescription drug plan through Express Scripts offers low co-pays for generic medication, convenient way to get 90-day prescriptions filled, and a specialty pharmacy for some long term health conditions that require special medicines.


With a Cigna DPPO plan, you have access to a national PPO network with over 100,000 providers. You don't need to choose a primary dentist for care, and you don't need referrals to visit specialists. And since many dentists offer online appointment scheduling through myCigna, it's easy to make appointments and receive reminders.


90/10 Coinsurance
  • $2,500 Annual Family Allowance
  • Check-ups Covered 100%
  • $3,200 Lifetime Orthodontia Allowance

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Coverage Summary
  • Vision Exams Covered at 100%
  • $100 Allowance for Eyewear
  • Additional $50 Allowance at Visionworks.
  • Covered Once Per Year
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Davis Vision has been providing comprehensive vision care benefits for over 50 years. Access to better vision begins with having the qualified eye care professionals in our network, which helps us to ensure our members can find cost-effective care, and a variety of styles. Davis Vision has a large national network comprised of over 100,000 facilities, giving you access to live customer service 7 days a week.

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Additional Benefits Included


Individual & Family Counseling, Mental & Nervous Conditions, and Substance Abuse Benefits are administered by Mental Health Consultants (MHC). A Coinsurance Plan with an out-of-pocket max combined with your Independence Administrators doctor and hospital coverage.


VirtualCheckup is a $0 Cost fully covered health benefit. Your VirtualCheckup home kit will contain everything you need, including a blood pressure monitor you get to keep. VirtualCheckup also includes a private video consult with one of our Nurse Practitioners to review your results and create a Personal Action Plan.


The Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Health Fund fully covers the cost of Virta for you and your eligible family members with type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, or prediabetes. Virta is also covered for those with a BMI of 30 or greater who are interested in safe and sustainable weight loss. Because it works.


Don’t wait weeks for an appointment. Teladoc can help you with the flu, infections, anxiety, stress, skin conditions, and provide advice on serious medical conditions. Available at no cost and available by phone, video, or app.

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InSure ONE screening kit, a convenient, at-home fecal immunochemical test kit that only requires water-based sampling of one bowel movement. Colorectal cancer screening has never been easier. Covered at 100%

Enrollment is on a First Come, First Serve Basis and Openings are Limited

Employer Health Program FAQs

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact the Health Department at 732-417-3900 (option #3) or email ehp@carpenters.fund